Monday, April 30, 2012

Lan Party!

Guild Wars 2 the beta was released this weekend. That means that you could only play the game this weekend to see how it looks for so far and how the game play is. I ordered the game Thursday at and got it Friday. I was so happy because the Beta weekend started at 9 pm.
To make it even better: my parents were on a holliday from Friday till monday so I had my first LAN-party this weekend!

A LAN party is like coming together with your nerdy game friends, play games and drink beer. 
Since I don't like alcohol I didn't drink it of course!

My boyfriend Vincent and two other friends Rishaad and Rik brought their computers to my house.
We placed the computers on the dining table and gamed from Friday evening till Sunday night. Since Guild wars had some problems sometimes we could't play it the whole day, so we played some Starcraft II too.

I really enjoyed this weekend and hopefully I'll be having some more LAN-parties soon!

I've made a lot of screen shots of the game so if some of you are interested to see them let me know and I'll make another post with screen shots.

how was your weekend?

- Rachel

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