Saturday, March 31, 2012

Drawing of us

I work in a Japanese restaurant as a waitress. This morning when I looked on Facebook I found this drawing. It's a drawing of me with some of my colleagues. Yuanting made this!

Left you see Michael. He plays basketball and sometimes he says really random things like he dreamed about unicorns.

In the middle you see Ginny. Sometimes Ginny and I pretend we're on a catwalk when we walk pass the tables and look in the windows.

On the right you see Arnold. He has dreadlocks, but listens to rock, which I find a very funny combination. He is the one who asked Yuanting to make a drawing of us.

Then in the second row on the left you see Robin. She is always really cheerful :). She came later into our crew, but I'm glad she's with us!

Then next to Robin you see me. And next to me you see Michelle, who is being stalked by a guy from work, that's why she says "Leave me alone" 

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  1. haha i just love this drawing:)
    i follow you;) follow back?