Saturday, February 4, 2012


In July 2011 I went to a tattoo shop called "Tattoo Bob". I really wanted a feather tattoo. The first photograph was a feather tattoo I found on the internet. He copied the image and tattood it on my wrist.

The second image is how it came out! Doesn't  look like the first one at all. At first I was still very happy with the tattoo, but later I realized that it should have looked different.
Some people thought that it was a leaf.
i'm never going back to Tattoo Bob again.

So the second of February I finally went to another tattoo shop to change my tattoo. Of course they couldn't make it like the first image, but they could make it look more like a feather.
See the third photograph. That is how it came out.
I'm very happy with the results.
Sorry for the bad quality of the third photograph

I'll make another photograph of it when it's healed.

- Rachel

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