Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My boyfriend is turning 19 soon, and I've been thinking of getting him a longboard. I've been watching lots of videos about longboarding and now I really can't wait to buy one for him and one for myself.
I'm 90 % sure that I will buy one for myself because it really looks like fun to go out in the sun and ride down the hills. Of course I'll need a lot of practice before I can ride as good as those girls.
Since a friend of my boyfriend also has a longboard we can practice together :D.

A few years ago I used to skateboard a lot, but that wasn't really my thing. On a longboard you have more balance and you don't really have to do tricks and ride in a skate park.

But before I can buy a longboard and practice I first have to work a few more months, because it's pretty expensive. And you also have to buy protection for your head,knee,wrist/hand .

Do you have a longboard?

- Rachel


  1. Wauw, dat filmpje is echt wel ontzettend cool!

    1. Jaa dat vind ik ook! krijg gelijk weer zin om te longboarden als ik het zie