Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our favorite accessories

Rachel: I thought it would be nice to show everyone our favorite accessories. These are one of my favorite accessories. 
 This bow is like 4 years old so I have no idea where I bought it, but since I was 13 years old I started to like bows.I had something like 14 different bows, but I threw a lot of them away.
I got this bracelet from my boyfriend with Christmas. I find it very cute.
I'm really in love with this bow. It looks pink on this photo but it's actually white. And of course I love pocket watches. I used to have two of them but one just recently broke.

Karlijn's favorite accessories will come later.


  1. Leuke dingen! Mag ik vragen welke camera je gebruikt? (:

    1. Dank je wel!
      natuurlijk :)

      ik gebruik een nikon D5000 met een standaard lens. maar ik heb ook een 60 mm macro lens. de bovenste foto is met mijn macrolens gemaakt