Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthday !

So it was my birthday yesterday and I wanted to show you what I got from everyone ! :) 

 I got this pocketwatch from Rachel. I really love it !
After we bought it(Rachel bought it for herself to)she found     out that it wasn't a real one because it wasn't ticking. I already saw it in the store but I didn't mind.

This bird necklass I also got from Rachel. I love those cute birdie jewelry!

This Spiderman Comic Book I got from a friend, Kelly. :) We   always talk about Marvel and books and comics. She knew I really love Marvel Comics so she bought me one so I can start my collection, haha !

This is a very funny gift I got from my friend, Thom. It's a mug that looks exactly like a camera lens. I'm 
not gonna drink out of it but I'm gonna keep my jewerlys or something in it. :) 

This is a scarf I got from a friend, Naomi. I really like it, I   was already looking for a scarf like this so it was
a good choice ! 

These ones I got from my brother. It's a camera connection kit. So I can upload photograph's I made on my iPad. I really love it, it's so useful !

These DVD's I got from a friend, Leroy. We always imitate the people who are in this show. It's so

funny ! He knows I love it, so he gave them as a present. :)

My gift from my mom was that I could go shopping ! ♥ But I'm not gonna post all of that because it's too much !

- Karlijn