Friday, December 23, 2011

A present for your boyfriend

So we all come across this time of the year when it's time to buy something for your boyfriend. We girls find it very very hard to buy something nice for him. We hear a lot of people say that you can make a pillow with a photograph of you two on it and stuff like that. But I always find that kinda...I dunno I don't think my boyfriend will actually like that.

So I thought it would be awesome to make a list of things that you could give your boyfriend since it's almost Christmas time!
I asked a few guys what they like to get. 

- a watch
- a video game (like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Battlefield, Call of duty, Skyrim.). Depends on what kind of games he likes.
- shoes
- clothes
- a cap
- dinner
- manly jewelry
- parfume

And the little less expensive presents could be

- a gaming mouse. (you've got them for 80 euros but also for 10 euros!)
- take him to the movies
- give him a massage, make dinner for him and give him a relaxing evening.
- all kind of beers (this is always a good present)
- concert ticket (could be either cheap or expensive)
- a cheap, but good headset
- mini speaker (that's around 25 euros)
- pokèmon cards

- Rachel

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