Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I made this today at my studio at home which I recently bought/got. It gave me a kind of Alice in Wonderland feeling.

- Rachel

new shoes

So I went to the Shoe Outlet and these shoes caught my eye. So I decided to just buy them.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lace dress

So today I bought a few new clothes and my pink lace dress is one of them. I absolutely adore it. I bought a lot more but I'll show them tomorrow in another post

Saturday, December 24, 2011

just a photograph to make you all hungry

I made this photograph at this amazing store in Rotterdam, called Koekela. They got the most tasteful cookies, muffins, brownies, pies, tart, cakes etc. Also, the store looks really cute and you can't hold yourself to go inside when you pass by.

- Rachel

Christmas cat

This is one of my two cats. Her name is Minoes and even though she looks like a little young kitty she's already 14 years old!
we love u ♥

- Rachel

Friday, December 23, 2011

A present for your boyfriend

So we all come across this time of the year when it's time to buy something for your boyfriend. We girls find it very very hard to buy something nice for him. We hear a lot of people say that you can make a pillow with a photograph of you two on it and stuff like that. But I always find that kinda...I dunno I don't think my boyfriend will actually like that.

So I thought it would be awesome to make a list of things that you could give your boyfriend since it's almost Christmas time!
I asked a few guys what they like to get. 

- a watch
- a video game (like World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Battlefield, Call of duty, Skyrim.). Depends on what kind of games he likes.
- shoes
- clothes
- a cap
- dinner
- manly jewelry
- parfume

And the little less expensive presents could be

- a gaming mouse. (you've got them for 80 euros but also for 10 euros!)
- take him to the movies
- give him a massage, make dinner for him and give him a relaxing evening.
- all kind of beers (this is always a good present)
- concert ticket (could be either cheap or expensive)
- a cheap, but good headset
- mini speaker (that's around 25 euros)
- pokèmon cards

- Rachel

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dead by April

So last Sunday I went to Dead by April they are definitely one of my favorite bands!
It was really amazing and they were better live then I thought. I went with Karlijn, a friend from school and with my boyfriend Vincent.

a girl

Made this drawing something like a month ago. I used to draw a lot. And with a lot I mean like, everyday. Sometimes I wished I'd still drew everyday because I know I would have been a lot better at this moment then. But just 3 more days left and then I'm 2 weeks out of school so maybe some more time to draw. Still I have to study for exams too.

This drawing isn't finished yet. I kinda have problems with finishing things. Don't know if I'll ever finish it but I thought it would be nice to show everyone :)

- Rachel

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I really really like those clock necklesses. I bought the large one at it was...20 euros I think. And I bought the smaller one at a festival for 16 euros. Unfortunately it broke recently. So it's time to buy some more!


My favorite macro photographs so far. These are taken with the AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1:2.8 G ED

I really love feathers. They can be so pretty.
This is a bumblebee

The size of this star is 1 cm. I really love the bokeh that you can see in the backgroumd

- Rachel

Fallen angel

This was an assignment I made at school. We had to decide for ourselves what we would like to photograph for our last assignment. I choose to photography Kelly-ann in my moms wedding dress with feather wings. I'm very happy with the results.



My name is Rachel Keijzer. I'm an 18 year old girl from The Netherlands. I'm very creative. I love to draw, play games and make photographs.

I got my diploma in 2011 and decided to study photography. I'm now in my first year of this study. It's amazing, the school thought me a lot already.

My dream is to become a famous photographer one day.

My motto is: Life is more than just survival

Hey! I'm Karlijn Bezemer 16 years old and from the Netherlands.
I'm studying Photography at Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam.
I'm in my first year now, really enjoying it :).

I really like watching movies and series. I love animals.
I'm a big Disney (world) fan, because I love fantasy stuff! I like reading books but I don't do it often, because I never finish one xD.
And I like doing fun things with friends :). Well that was about it I guess!

Welcome to our blog everyone!